what is the purpose of a welding machine!
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The welding machine is a gear which joins the two metals or thermoplastics using heat. It fundamentally joins together or combines by pounding. A Welding machine and portable welding machine comes in various sorts and sizes. It can be used for

· Welding metals together

· Use for making certain parts together

· Helps in utilizing old parts for a long time

Use of Welding Machine

The correct kind of welding machine must be utilized to intertwine two sorts of materials together generally the outcome won't be what is required. You should know for what reason it will be utilized. At that point you ought to pick the sort of welding machine, the power supply required, regardless of whether it is versatile, what different apparatuses and adornments may be required with the portable welding machine. The extras that may be required are the light, the welding protective cap, the welding gauntlet, goggles and the welding drape.

Importance of Welding Machine

The most widely recognized process is Gas Metal Arc Welding or GMAW. SMAW additionally called "stick welding," utilizes a transition covered consumable cathode and is basically utilized for repair and steel welding. Thus, the welding machines are unquestionably essential and should be purchased and utilized with incredible care.

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